Do you want to study at AcadEMic POWER?

Do you want to study at Academic POWER?

You should:
-Have at least 2 years of university-level studies and completed with a diploma or certificate.
-Have “fresh knowledge” in your profession through education or experiences.
-Be newly arrived in Sweden. You received your residence permit / social security number for maximum 5 years ago.
-Want to work in Sweden within your competence and professional field.
-Have basic skills in Swedish.
-Be independent and show good progression in the program.
-Be able to complete the studies and can also participate in different activities.
-Be available for labor marketing.
-Have a basic knowledge of computing. For exempel e-mail, office and internet.

How to apply?

We start a new course each 15th week and we call the applicants to interview continuously.
To the right you can find the application form.

If you don`t live in Botkyrka

If you do not live in Botkyrka your home municpality must approve your studies in Academic Power. You need to bring the application form to the SFI/adult school office in your home municipality for an approval.

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